Temwah denies dating Zeze Kingston: New evidence emerges of their alleged relationship

Temwa Malawi Music

…Zeze, Temwa never had sex, it was just music

New evidence has emerged after Temwah, a popular musician, issued a press statement denying that she had ever dated fellow musician Zeze Kingston. The news of their alleged relationship had sparked a flurry of headlines on social media following a public feud between the two Mvetsela artists from Malawi.

Many users on social media had claimed that they were ex-lovers and that Temwah was jealous of Zeze Kingston.

One of the highlights of the feud was a cryptic Facebook post from Cash Madam, Dorothy Shonga advising “ex-lovers” not to fight or throw dirt on each other. Temwah, in turn, made a controversial remark about women older than her.

Koma sindingamalimbane ndi nzimayi otimenopause ikumuvuta [But I can’t fight a woman who is struggling with menopause”, Temwah derided her adversary.

The tweet drew the ire of people, who felt that Temwa had attacked a fellow woman over a biological undertaking that could not be changed. Temwah’s tweet was interpreted to be targeted at Dorothy Shonga who responded with another Facebook post.

Ndiye mwati Menopause? Temwa awiliwo list yawo tilibe, koma vanu tilinayo. Tikungopepha enawo kuti mwana akabadwa akapange DNA test. Sinakha ndinu chakudya chagulu“. Dorothy Shonga, who described herself as the “proud mum of three”, responded on Facebook.

Dorothy Shonga and Zeze Kingston claim to be in a relationship.

Temwah then apologized to Cash Madam and Zeze Kingston, saying that her posts were made in anger. However, she clarified that she and Zeze Kingston had never dated, and that their relationship was only limited to music collaboration.

“I never dated Zeze Kingston; we just did a couple of music projects together and have been friends for a long time. I was never his girlfriend. He has never asked me out to be his girlfriend and anything close to that”, she said in a Facebook post.

Her post came after people shared post alleging Temwa and Zeze Kingston had a sexual affair.


She then warned Zeze Kingston to be in control of his “ends”.

“A message to Zeze Kingston: let’s respect each other whilst we are all at peace, control your ends, I’ll control mine too.”

However, another musician, Che Kalonda, added fuel to the fire with cryptic social media posts.

“When You Know The Truth But You Are Just Watching Them Lie To Each Other Kaye….ANADYADI KAPENA AYI?? [Did they sleep with each other or not?]”, another musician, Che Kalonda, wrote. He added, “When @Zeze_Kingston Is with me, He Says the truth. Nanji Tikayaka… [especially when we are drunk]” he tweeted.

The future of the relationship between Temwah and Zeze Kingston in their music collaboration remains uncertain.