Fans react to Muliya’s Hallelujah hit

…Lucius Banda praises music video

Gospel music lovers in the country have reacted positively to Hallelujah song done by Steve Wazisomo Muliya which hit the airwaves of both local and international radios and televisions on Monday this week.

The hit which has been produced with exceptional high quality was premiered on Trace Gospel and other local channels, and people have also been sharing it on their respective social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

One of the legends in the music industry in this country Lucius Banda praised the hit in his Facebook post and said: “Now this is another level in Gospel music, I love such creativity keep it up.”

And one of the gospel music fans whose username is CJ Guwa said he has never seen such quality of music before which he said has been produced using all international standards.

“To be honest, I have not seen a music video like this, it has all the international standards when we talk of quality,” he said.

Asked how he has felt with the reaction of the people after releasing the song, Muliya said remarks of the people including Banda have fuelled him to keep on pushing in the music industry.

“These remarks have made me satisfied that I have done something great and has fuelled me to keep on pushing and people should expect more,” said Muliya in his response on WhatsApp conversation.

Hallelujah hit, whose video has been produced by multi award winning videographer VJ Ken, is the first from Muliya in 2023.

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