APM urges government to resurrect malata-cement subsidy program


Former President Arthur Peter Mutharika has urged the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) admnistration to bring back malata and cement subsidy program to assist people in the country build strong houses.

Mutharika made the appeal today at Chisoka Primary School in Thyolo district when he was addressing Cyclone Freddy survivors.

He said: “The program was aimed at giving an opportunity to less previleged people to access Malata and cement for them to build strong houses.”

During the visit, Mutharika comforted all people who have lost their family members as well as their properties and said that he is confident that the displaced people will get back to their normal lives.

After cheering up with the Cyclone Freddy survivors at Chisoka Primary School, Mutharika also visited other survivors at Luchenza evacuation Centre.

During the visit, Mutharika consoled people with various assorted items such as maize flour, salt, soya pieces among others.

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