Alaine and Black Diamond to perform in Malawi at Ku Mingoli Bash


Popular Jamaican Reggea dancehall artist Alaine will perform in Malawi at Ku Mingoli Bash which will happen at Lilongwe Golf Club in Lilongwe on 22 July, 2023.

The organisers of the show confirmed to Malawi24, that Alaine together with South African Afro-Pop duo Black Diamond and Yo Maps from Zambia will perform in Lilongwe at Ku Mingoli Bash.

Speaking to Malawi24, Event brand ambassador Felistus Nyauyu Ngwira said Ku Mingoli music bash is an event happening for the first time and is a musical event that is all about people who love music.

According to Ngwira, this is going to be the biggest musical event of the year with a projected audience of over 20,000.

“We have a lot of international artists and also Malawian artists. For now we have only unveiled 3 international artists we have Alaine from Jamaica, Yo Maps from Zambia and Black Diamond from South Africa, and from Malawi we have only unveiled Kell Kay but we are yet to unveil more Malawian artists and then one big international artists. So far so good, everything is set and also we have tickets in all outlets,” said Ngwira.

On security, Ngwira said people shouldn’t get worried because the security will be very tight on the day of the show.

“Our security is very tight. To begin with we have a lot of security companies on board because handling 20,000 people and even more is not easy and we are always mindful about people’s safety. So we have security companies on board and we are going to involve the Police. So people shouldn’t get worried about the security,” said Ngwira.

Nyauyu also disclosed that the tickets have been out since the 27th of February and so far people have been enjoying the promotional tickets by Bufen, a product of Kentam products limited.

She added that right now they have officially launched the tickets for the Ku Mingoli Bash and the tickets are going at 4000 kwacha and they will be going up by 2000 kwacha after every three weeks or so, whilst the VIP tickets are at 35000.

Ku Mingoli Bash is an event that is being planned and organised by Sound Addicts live.

Bufen a product of Kentam Products Limited, has partnered with sound addicts to sponsor the event as one way of social responsibility to citizenry.

Marketing Manager for Kentam Products Limited Andrew Mwase said they thought of partnering Sound Addicts as one way of promoting Malawian events.

He urged companies and organisations to have an attitude of giving back to the community by supporting such events.

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