Dan Lu told to modify ’Take my body’ song as producer Tapps apologises


Malawi’s Department of Arts has told musician Dan Lufani to modify ‘Take My Body’ song which is under heavy criticism over strong sexual language.

Malawi24 understands that the Department of Arts engaged musician Lufani who is well known as Dan Lu over some lyrics in his new song ‘Take my body’.

Speaking to the local media, Deputy Director of arts responsible for censorship Anganile Nthakomwa, said the department received numerous complaints on the language used in Dan Lu’s song.

Nthakomwa, however, indicated that the department will not ban the song but they have told the ‘Nsanje’ hitmaker to modify the song to suit the Malawian culture.

She added that the decision is inline with Section 23 and 24 of the Censorship and Control of Entertainment Act which prohibits production of materials which are deemed obscene, offensive or harmful to public moral.

“Many have complained that they find the song offensive and too strong. Some argue that from a cultural perspective, it is not suitable for the local audience.

“We are not saying the song is banned. We just want him to modify it a bit,” said Nthakomwa.

Meanwhile, producer of the song Tapiwa Bandawe also known as Tapps, has apologised to the general public saying he erred not to guide Dan Lu on the correct language.

Writing on his Facebook page, Bandawe said the song was meant to entertain the masses and not to offend as is the case.

“I would like to apologize unreservedly to those it has offended. I have no excuses and should have known better. I will dedicate myself to doing what I do best, producing music that serves the for the betterment of humanity and Malawian morals as is indeed my role as a senior statesman in this music industry.

“Dan Lu is a brother and a wonderfully talented artist who has entertained Malawi with countless uplifting songs such as the iconic anthem Part of Life. As a musician he is there to express his thoughts into music, as a producer I am there to guide and I must stress in this instance I erred in my duties,” said Bandawe.

In the song, which has recently ignited debate especially in many social media circles, Dan Lu who says is ‘horny’ expresses sexual emotions to a lover.

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