Guntolah cries for Achalume star Walycris


Blantyre-based Malawi artist Guntolah has released an emotional tribute called Letter to Waly for his close friend Walycris Wanyengo of the Achalume fame.

In the tribute, the rapper reveals that it has taken him long to mourn his late friend through art because he is still in shock.

“It’s been so long msanapange (before I) reply/ zimandigwesa mphwayi (I didn’t have the energy)/ pena mkumati ayi (Sometimes I don’t accept)/ I still can’t believe wandililisa amayi (you`ve made me cry)” he raps.

The asakunamize star has also bemoaned the tendency of some people who only show love to the dead.

Furthermore, he has shared the moments they shared and hard times which Waly, real name Wyson Laifoh went through when he was living.

In the video for Letter to Waly, Guntolah is seen sitting while holding a pen and paper, with pictures of the late Wyson pegged all over the room, to depict an emotional mood.

Walycris died aged 25 on 23 December last year after a bus he boarded on his way from South Africa was hit by a truck.

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