Malawians mourn ‘Achalume’ hitmaker Walycris


Tributes are pouring in following the tragic demise of ‘Achalume’ hitmaker Wyson Laifoh, also known as Walycris Wanyengo, who has died three days after releasing hit ‘Mbumu’.

According to reports, the musician died in an accident in Zimbabwe last night while he was returning to Malawi from South Africa where he went to perform along side the Zembani Band.

Unconfirmed reports further reveal that a Matours bus which the artist boarded on Friday, December 22nd was hit by a truck at a place known as Ngundo around 3am and the artist died on the spot while the driver and two others sustained serious injuries.

This was few hours after the musician, popularly known as WalyCris Wanyengo, wrote on his Facebook page commending legend musician Lucius Banda for Get your flowers while you can still smell them. Live Long Legendary Lucius Chiccio Banda for including him on the list of artists who performed at the launch of ‘love & Hate’ album.

“I’m not sure when was your first Album released. I grew up listening to you bigman. I’m very proud to be part of the Headliners of your last Album ‘LOVE & HATE’ Launch. You don’t know how much i’m feeling now, the way i’m happy. My family is very proud and the Ghetto also, thanks for giving me a platform. We Love You❤️ Bigman. History Made,” Walycris wrote on Facebook on Thursday afternoon.

Meanwhile, artists and individuals are expressing their condolences for the death of the fast rising star.

“Its still hard to process the thought of losing one of the fastest rising stars. He was young, very humble, hardworking, and at the peak of his career. His dream was not supposed to end in this tragic way. Rest in Peace Walycris, the Achalume hitmaker,” reads a post on Mikozi Facebook page.

Musician Driemo, rapper Phyzix, gospel artist Thocco Katimba, poet Robert Chiwamba and Television personality Priscilla Kayira Nsane, have posted on their pages that they are very shocked, disturbed and heartbroken with the death of Walycris whom they described as a hard worker and a legend in the offing.

“Rest in Peace WalyCris 💔. This life is weird, man. Dzulo lomweli timayankhulana poweluka. Lero tupanga RIP, zovuta kwambiri. It was your time man and you were on the right path in our eyes but God’s plan was different. Sending prayers to your family and loved ones during this very difficult time,” Phyzix posted.

While Nsane wrote: “Walycris worked soooo hard, it is sad to hear he has departed when he just found the sound that fitted him so well and gave him his big break! I am so happy knowing that you knew I believed in your art from the beginning. Rest well young king 🙏🏾Gods plans we will never understand

Most posts on the social media say Walycris who was born on 25th of September, 1997, had the right attitude for greatiness and the talent to take him there, proved by his own signature and style, representing Yao lifestyle.

The artist has left a three day-old Kwaito song, Mbumu (pressure) which is already trending on the internet.

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