Chakwera wasted our time with empty new year speech


Social commentators have bashed Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera for his New Year speech, saying the speech was empty and a waste of time and other resources .

Chakwera addressed Malawians last night and in his speech, the Malawi leader said he will appoint a leaner cabinet to be announced this month.

He also announced the creation of a presidential private sector council which is a group of respected private sector leaders he will be interacting with directly to appreciate the effectiveness of his administration’s policies in creating jobs and wealth for Malawians.

Chakwera in the speech further acknowledged that Malawians experienced economic pain in 2022 as prices of goods and services went up. Chakwera, however, did not provide any plan his administration has devised to end the economic pain.  

Malawians on social media have since described the speech as empty, saying Chakwera should have been announcing actions he has already taken and not just promises.

“To be frank with you. Tonight you have wasted my time, my data and resources.

“Come on national television when you only want to tell us the decision(s) you have made and/or actions taken in real time. That’s tangible. For instance: “My fellow Malawians, I have a lean cabinet here it is and if have further appointed individuals in President Private sector Taskforce, here is the list and, lastly; those behind Martha Chizuma irregular arrest are and I have instructed the police to arrest them. That’s it, Happy new year to you all,” Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe wrote on Facebook.

Another Facebook user wrote: “Apa palibepo chabwino ataa. Zingosonyezeratu that he doesn’t have solutions to the problems Malawians are facing!! Za cabinet anayamba liti kunena??

While Loveness Kaunda said: “We have lived with these unproductive speeches for so long we are tired! Azingopangana cover kumeneko Ife tilibe nazo ntchito what is important to me as of today ndi za Report ya commando ija ya Martha Chizuma ija izizi.”

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