MANEPO wants stiff penalties for those who assault elderly persons


Malawi Network of Older Persons Organisations (MANEPO) has called on courts in the country to mete out stiff punishments to those found guilty of assaulting or harassing elderly persons.

MANEPO Country Director, Andrew Kavala, made the call in an interview with Malawi24.

He argued that those found guilty of assaulting older persons should be given stiff penalties in the same way as those that murder people with albinism or those that defile minors are dealt with.

He observed that elderly persons suffered a lot in 2022 adding that the offences were on the increase because  most of the perpetuators were given soft sentences or left scott free.

“MANEPO would want crime against older persons to be handled in the same way as crimes against people with albinism and there should also be commissions of inquiries whenever elderly people are offended,” he said.

He further argued that the society  should take pride in having elderly persons  and further called on families to protect elderly persons against any form of violence on top of providing them with basic needs.

He therefore conveyed best wishes to all elderly persons in Malawi in the current festive season.

Kavala also hailed the media in Malawi for exposing violence against elderly persons and further thanked civil society organisation for condemning violence against the elderly.

“I appeal to the media to continue exposing violence against older persons and let’s work together to deal with the problem,” he added.

Kavala also appealed to every Malawian to take responsibility of protecting elderly persons against all forms of violence against their rights.

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