Prisam partners Domasi college to train private school teachers

In a bid to improve professionalism of private school teachers, Private Schools Association of Malawi (Prisam) has ventured into partnership with Domasi College of Education who will start providing diploma and degree weekend classes to private school teachers at subsidised fees.

This is according to Prisam Vice President Patricia Chisi who said the association met these two parties earlier this week where it was agreed that DMI University and Domasi College of Education will very soon start offering diploma and degree weekend classes to private secondary school teachers at a subsidised fee.

Chisi told Malawi24 that DMI University together with the Domasi College has also through the partnership committed to train teachers from private schools among others; methods of teaching, formulation of testing items using blooms taxonomy, and also marking as per requirement by MANEB.

The Prisam vice president further reported that the initiative is aimed at helping the Malawi Government realise the dream of standardizing the country’s education sector.

“These two institutions will be offering diploma and degree weekend classes and this will start from February 2023. In addition to that Domasi will also facilitate training of Nursery and primary school teachers.

“As Prisam, we are very excited about this because it is in line with one of the main objective of the association which is to improve professionalism of private schools as well as some of the directors who are not professional teachers. All the efforts are meant to complement government’s efforts towards improving education standards in the country,” said Chisi.

She further mentioned that Domasi College will also be awarding the teachers with certificate of attendance, a thing which she said is likely motivate participating teachers which will in turn see the education standards in private schools and the country as a whole, improving.

Chisi further encouraged private schools in the country to join the association by paying membership fees, saying these opportunities will only be benefitted by private school teachers whose schools have paid their subscription fees to the association, making them legitimate members.

The association’s vice president also reported that 2022 has been a great year to the association since they have managed to form zone committees which will finally become district and regional committees after an AGM next year and she was so optimistic that 2023 will be exceptional as well, especially with the current partnership with DMI and Domasi College of education.

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