Price of Malawi Gin, Vodka goes up

Castel Malawi has increased price of Malawi Gin and Malawi Vodka from K7, 000 to K9, 000 effective today.

In a notice to customers dated 20 December, 2022, the company’s director of marketing Nelson Zoto Banda said the price increase is due to high cost of production.

“This increase is an impact of the high import costs on materials which has affected the cost of the spirit bottles and the overall production and distribution cost,” Banda said in the notice.

The price hike has, however, not affected Premier Brandy which is sold at K12,000 per bottle. The price of Brandy was increased last month from K10,000.

In October, Castel suspended the production of Premier Brandy as well as Malawi Gin, and Malawi Vodka citing a shortage of forex in the country and high excise rates .

“The business is currently failing to bring in packaging materials to sustain the supply of these loved spirit brands,” a statement from Castel said.

In August this year the company also raised prices of its beers, spirits and alcomix.

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