TUM warns teachers against drinking while on duty


Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) says it will not protect any teacher found drunk while on duty.

Willy Malimba, president of TUM, said in an interview that while teachers are not barred from drinking beer, they are not allowed to do this during working hours.

“It is very sad that some teachers have that behaviour, we do not say that they should not drink but they should drink after they have worked, learners should not lose their right to education because of some teachers who have got the tendance of drinking beer during working hours”

“It is very sad, we are giving a warning to those teachers that if they face any punishment from the government, they should not come to Teachers Union of Malawi because we cannot back them, it’s a very serious offence” explained Malimba.

This comes as there are reports that education authorities in Mzimba are concerned that the education sectors’ performance is depreciating in the district because of some teachers’ behaviour of drinking beer excessively whilst on duty.

The teachers argue that drinking beer is part of their Ngoni culture.

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