Malawi Immigration intensifies border patrols, permit inspection


In an effort to enhance the integrity of the country’s borders and to safeguard jobs of the natives as festive season draws closer, the Depwartment of Immigration and Citizenship Services says it has stepped up border patrol, permit inspection and compliance countrywide.

This is according to Inspector Pasqually Zulu who is the national spokesperson for the Immigration Department who said the initiative is meant to curtail criminal activities happening in all the borders of the country which among others include; border jumping, use of fake immigration stamps and fake travel documents that are synonymous with surge in human trafficking.

Inspector Zulu said during this time, the department will have several teams of enforcement and inspection officers who will be monitoring the country’s borderlines so as to bring to book all immigrants who violated immigration law of the country.

“Being an era rife with international uncertainty and national or regional conflicts, we face continuous challenges from constantly evolving threat and volatile situations which if not handled properly may compromise our national security and social economic development of the country.

“As such, during these exercises we are adopting a holistic approach, advance surveillance and intelligent technology and methodologies to monitor our borderlines, compliance enforcement and inspection, apprehending, prosecution, deportation or repatriation of those who have entered or stayed illegally,” said Zulu.

The department has then advised all foreign nationals residing in Malawi to carry certified copies of their passports, data page and endorsement stamp page, not to engage themselves in any employment or bussiness activity before permit approval, saying failure to comply risks deportation

The publicist has also urged the general public more especially people willing to embark on cross-border travels to always use formal crossing points and to be in possession of the requisite documents.

It is reported that since January this year to date, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services has deported a total of 1,904 foreign nationals who violated various Immigration laws and also managed to repatriate 514 Ethiopian nationals.

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