Poet Tendai Shaba addresses reciprocated love in new recording with Dan Lu


Renowned poet Tendai M Shaba has featured Malawi’s Afro-pop star, Dan Lu in a new poem titled ‘What I Need’ which encourages people to reciprocate the love they receive.

The author of ‘Moments to cherish’ together with ‘Part of life’ hit maker, released the masterpiece which has been crafted by Tex earlier last week and it is already trending on the poetry market.

In an interview with Malawi24, Shaba said the new release is aimed at encouraging listeners to always think of love given and love received, or equally engaged in, by both parties.

The mental health activist said it is very sad that most lovebirds do not consciously think about reciprocity which involves the practice of exchanging things with loved ones for mutual benefits and he further indicated that this has resulted in increased suicide cases amongst lovers this year, hence the poem which he said wants to address such issues.

“This is a way of showing concern as artists in addressing love issues which has been one of the burning issues this year. There have been more individuals committing suicide because of unreciprocated love, so the recording wants to address such issues,” said Shaba.

The poet has also through the recording encouraged people in relationships to always love each other come rain or sunshine saying reciprocated love does not get compromised by the hard situations of life.

“Run barefoot for your love

Swim with the sharks for your love

Race with the cheetahs for your love

Wrestle with the bears for your love

Yes to love, to deep and true love,” goes part of the poem.

Meanwhile, the poet has described 2022 as a brilliant year which allowed to experiment with poetry and music and he has since promised more poetry and music projects. next year.

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