Fake iPhones made in Mozambique flooding Malawi: Police raid factory


Two Chinese nationals have been arrested in Mozambique during a raid on a factory  in the capital, Maputo where fake iPhones were being assembled.

The Mozambican authorities have seized 1,165 fake Apple iPhones.

Fake iPhones

Mozambican Police told the media that the suspected counterfeiters were able to use complex technical procedures, including assigning unique serial numbers to the phones.

“It’s an apartment but it works like a factory. Mobile phones are made here, IMEIs [unique serial numbers] are placed and sold in a store located in the Alto-Maè area,” said Gino Jone, the director of Mozambique customs operational area in Maputo City.

Authorities also suspect that some of the seized phones were smuggled into Mozambique, while others were obtained through theft.

Jone said the raid was conducted after authorities received a complaint which was followed by three weeks of investigation that led to the discovery of the factory.

Commenting on the BBC News Africa Facebook Page, Malawians believe that some of the fake phones were being sold in Malawi.

“Ine kudabwatu mu ntcheu mmenemu aliyense iphone mmanja (I was surprised that everyone in Ntcheu has an iPhone),” said one commenter.

Another said: “Ma iPhone omwe anthu akunyada nawo Ku Malawi kani ndaku Mozambique (So he iPhone which people are flaunting here in Malawi were made in Mozambique).

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