Deputy headteacher arrested after forcing child to kneel on concrete floor for over an hour


Deputy headteacher at Majiga Primary School, Rafael Chikabwereza, has been arrested after a an 8-year-old Standard 3 learner sustained wounds on the knee due to corporal punishment which Chikabwereza handed out to the child.

The deputy headteacher has been arrested by Police at Nselema in Machinga.

The Police Station’s Officer-in-Charge, Bostones Amanzi told the local media that the abuse happened on 26 October.

“Chikabwereza made the boy kneel for over one hour, on a bare concrete floor during a sunny afternoon after being found playing around the school’s garden which resulted in serious bruises and burns around his knees,” reported Zodiak Online.

Malawians on social media have since hailed the police for arresting the teacher over his actions.

“This is cruelty and criminal in nature, the teacher should be punished for some perpetrators to get a lesson,” one person said.

Another person said: “Let him face thy consequences, school isn’t a prison, academic rights should be observed hence free and friendly environment at total cost all day.”

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