Headteacher jailed 6 years for theft of K11 million


The First Grade Magistrate’s Court in Nkhata Bay District has sentenced primary school headteacher, 36-year-old Hannock Kamanga, to six years in prison for embezzling K11 million meant for school project.

The court heard through state prosecutor Imed Isaac that in 2021 government entrusted Kamanga with project funds amounting to K17, 000, 000 for construction of headteacher’s house at Mtazi Primary School in the district.

Kamanga was tasked to play a leading role in managing the funds at all levels.

The court further heard that out of the total sum of money deposited into a bank account, only K500, 000 was properly used while the rest of the cash was looted.

Kamanga managed to maneuver through monitoring system by forging stamps, other authorisation documents and signatures for three officials that helped him to easily access bank services.

Kamanga was brought to Nkhata Bay Police Station on September 16, 2022 after he failed to account for all transactions he made from the bank. Police charged him with four counts; forgery of stamps, forgery of official documents, altering false documents and theft by public servant contrary to sections 359 (a), 358, 360 and 283 (1) of the Penal Code respectively.

In court on October 21, 2022, Kamanaga pleaded guilty to all charges that prompted the court to convict him accordingly.

In submissions, prosecutor Imed asked for a stiff penalty saying the act displayed by the civil servant has negative effects not only to the school, but also the nation as a whole.

Imed further said the house would have benefited both the convict as well as other teachers who would come after him.

Imed concluded that organised crimes such as this attract a real deterrent punishment to other civil servants with similar evil minds.

In mitigation, Kamanga pleaded for leniency saying that he has a huge family responsibilities as he has a two month old baby. He also said he has a health problem involving his back saying if he is sent in prison it will do more harm to his health.

Magistrate Ezekiel Kamtikana when passing sentence, concurred with the state observing that offences committed by officials that are entrusted by the government on big projects like this affects development and growth of the society. Kamtikana further said the court cannot be lenient with civil servants who squander public money.

The magistrate therefore ordered Kamanga to serve 2 year, 3 year, 3 year and 6 year jail terms for the first, second, third and fourth counts respectively. However, he said the sentences should run concurrently meaning that the convict will only serve 6 years jail term.

The magistrate further ordered the seizure of the convict’s property so that the school house should still be completed.

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  1. 11 million is the money that one can be jailed for, forget about the 30 billion mismanagement… One goes scot free, enjoys, constitutional untouchability…. Relation connections you name it.

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