Center for Social Concern asks government to provide safe water to people of Chingale

Center for Social Concern  has asked government to provide safe water to people of Chingale in Zomba where issues of water, sanitation and hygiene at health facilities are compromised.

Center for Social Concern Programmes Manager,  Bernard Mphepo, made the appeal during a meeting with representatives of people  from Sub Traditional Authority, Nkapita in  Chingale area.

From the discussions, Center for Social Concern learnt that the people were in dire need of safe water.

Mphepo said that the  government borrowed huge sums of money to finance water project but seems the financial resources were not used for the intended purposes.

Mphepo observed that Malawi is currently experiencing cholera outbreak and safe water is the best requirement to avoid cholera.

He added that water is life  as such people of Chingale deserved access to safe water for better livelihood.

He therefore appealed to people of Chingale and entire Malawians to hold government accountable on resources that are meant for development saying taxpayers will pay the debts at any cost  soon or later.

“Center for Social Concern will still raise its voice to duty bearers until people of Chingale in Zomba are provided with safe water,” said Mphepo.

He also urged people of Chingale to keep on demanding safe water from the government and to also to keep their eyes open on finances that are meant for development projects.

One of the concerned people from Nkapita area in Chingale, Chrissy Nyocho said people in the area were prone to cholera and other waterborne diseases due to lack of access to safe water.

She said expectant mothers were also at risk of waterborne because Chingale Health Center has no safe water such that issues of water sanitation and hygiene are compromised.

Center for Social Concern advocates for citizens engagement on issues of public finance management and on government external borrowing  on development projects.

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