Women receive bee-keeping training, beehives in Mzimba


­By Sopani Ng’ambi

Thirty women have been trained in bee-keeping and have received beehives at Mtende in Mzimba North as one way of empowering them economically.

Citizen Impact Organization (CIO) Field Officer, Wisdom Moyo, said the idea is to help the women was conceived after realising various economic challenges many women face in rural areas.

“Life is hard in most rural areas. A lot of women do not have income generating activities and they lack support. We therefore want to help them to be economically stable,” he said.

However, Moyo urged women in that area and others in various rural areas in the country to consider venturing into small scale businesses with the little money they have, saying it is for their own betterment.

“Women should avoid relying on their husbands only. They can also be breadwinners by simply embracing income generating activities like small scale businesses,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of her fellow women, Mebo Soko applauded CIO for the wonderful gesture, saying that will go a long way towards addressing various challenges they face.

“We knew little about bee-keeping. We hope our lives will be better as we are expected to start generating income through bee farming,” she said.

Citizen Impact Organization (CIO) is a Mzuzu-based youth-led non-governmental organization which among others, focuses on youth and women empowerment.

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