Teenager jailed for breaking into warehouse in Ndirande


The Blantyre Central Magistrate’s Court yesterday sentenced 19-year-old Daniel Chinakumalani to two years in prison for breaking into a warehouse and stealing shoes.

The offence is contrary to section 311(a) of the penal code.

According to Ndirande Police Station spokesperson Widson Nhlane, First Grade Magistrate Mercy Katunga heard through State Prosecutor Sergeant MacDonald Bvimbani of Ndirande Police Station that Daniel on August 1 broke into Chifundo Warehouse located at Ndirande main market and stole 157 pairs of second hand shoes.

Bvimbani further told the court that Chinakumalani was a week later spotted in the area wearing the stolen shoes and was immediately apprehended.

He later led the officers to Machinjiri township where he sold the stuff and only 12 pairs were recovered.

In court, he pleaded guilty and asked the court for leniency when sentencing him.

Prosecutor Bvimbani, in his submissions, pleaded with the court to mete out a stiffer deterrent sentence, saying the convict planned to commit the offence and that the complainants suffered loss and that cases of this nature are rampant.

The Magistrate concurred with the Prosecutor and slapped him with a 24-month jail term.

The convict comes from Mlangeni village in Traditional Authority Njolomole in Ntcheu District.


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  1. Democracy seems to be a joke yet again 2 years for stealing shoes and breaking and entering is a joke what about fines and or probation

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