South African agents want to kidnap me – Bushiri

Leader of ECG Jesus Nation Church, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says there is continuous intrusion into his private space by security personnel from South Africa and he alleges that the agents are in the country to kidnap him.

This is according to a press statement signed by Bushiri’s spokesperson Ephraim Nyondo which states that there have been a series of suspicious incidences that borders on Bushiri’s security to the point of involving the Malawi Police Service (MPS).

The statement indicates that Bushiri commonly known as Major 1, has been receiving various tip-offs from well-wishers indicating that the personnel suspected to be from South Africa have been trailing the Prophet.

Nyondo in the statement says the said South African security agents have reached an extent of following prophet Bushiri everywhere he goes under the guise of working under the South African Embassy.

“We are extremely dismayed and astonishingly shocked by continuous intrusion into the private space of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and also attempts to kidnap him by some recognizable security personnel from South Africa.

“We wish to underline here that we are well aware of their plot: we know where they lodge, we know their communication links, we know their local collaborators and we know their movements,” reads part of the statement.

The statement further states that it is shocking to note that some of the personnel involved in this scheme are the very same people that Prophet Bushiri opened intimidation and extortion cases against when he was in South Africa in 2018.

According to Nyondo, back then Bushiri suffered immensely at the machinations of these people in South Africa while the South African justice system failed to apprehend these people even after numerous criminal cases opened against them and also reporting them to various state security bodies.

It is said that this is the reason Prophet Bushiri left South Africa to seek justice in his home country and he is highly respectful of the court processes he is going through and has then said he will not accept intimidations.

“We must underscore, here, that now that he is home and free, the Prophet will not allow to be bullied and intimidated by these people in his home country the way they did in South Africa. Never. In this vein, we wish to make it clear to these people to, with immediate effect, back off from Prophet Bushiri,” reads another part of the statement.

Meanwhile, Bushiri has threatened that if these said security agents escalate, the Prophet will be forced to resort to legitimate means, as spelled in the country’s Constitution, of how to protect himself when in danger.

Bushiri and wife Mary Bushiri fled South Africa in 2020 where they were arrested and later granted bail on allegations of money laundering.

Currently, the two are fighting against their extradition to South Africa.


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