Zikatere it’s a nono: langwani Piksy fails Anana video test

Malawians have trashed music video for Piksy’s ballad Anana, arguing it does not match the hype created by the song.

The video which was released a few days ago has come under heavy criticism for a not so impresive concept. People believe, the artist and his team should have done better in the said area.

“Anana deserbed a better video, kungozazisa ma clip a ku album launch basi (the video is full of clips from his album launch series),” tweeted han c

Wanthanza Mughogho’s comment reads, “Piksy needs to redo the Itsanana music video. The song itself is an anthem a hit and a half. I can play that track 10 times in a day repeatedly without getting bored.”

“The music video has not done justice to the song. Take time, find a concept that goes with the song, invest into the music video.”

The video has received low grades for ignoring humble beginnings of one’s story, hence it is half baked.

However some people believe it is good that way. Mdalipako Kathewera commented, “Its fun because its simple, I would’nt change anything.”

The Blantyre based artist is considered to be an architect of great songs with poorly crafted music videos.

A list of some of his lowly rated music videos include Chonchobe, Uncle Short One, and Maso.

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  1. The title of your story does not match the content…. That video is just good!!

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