Malawi minister launches footbridge construction


Minister of Foreign Affairs Nancy Tembo who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City South West has launched construction of a footbridge in the capital city.

Tembo launched construction of the footbridge yesterday. The bridge connects Kawale 1 and Mchesi at Chisomo Private School and is used by people from Chilinde, Kawale, Area 23 and surrounding areas on their way to Kamuzu Central Hospital, a major referral hospital in Malawi.

“The current footbridge (shown in the pictures) was a  danger to the community with a number of injuries reported as people attempted to cross the stream,” Tembo wrote on her Facebook page.

Some commenters on the post wondered why the MP is only constructing a footbridge instead of upgrading the structure so that vehicles can also pass through.

“But why a foot bridge? Why not just making a proper bridge where even cars can pass owing to the fact that the people from Chilinde, Kawale and area 23 use it to access the Kamuzu Central Hospital. I would rather demand for a proper bridge not that,” one person said.

However, Tembo said the footbridge lies close to a road where another bridge will be upgraded for cars.

On Twitter where Tembo also posted about the launch, commenters said the Minister should have completed the project before publicising it.

One Twitter user said: “A full Minister ndithu! ma’am, you could’ve waited for the results then go on an launch with such pomp, not before… do the work first, then come to social media!”

Tembo was elected as MP for Lilongwe City South West in 2019. She also served as MP for the area between 2004 and 2009.


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