GBV: CU female student physically abused by boyfriend

A Catholic University male student was captured in a video assaulting a female student in a case of gender based violence.

The students have not been identified but reports indicate that they are first year students and the incident happened in a room at the university.

In the video, the male student slaps the girl and then complains that the female student cheated on him.

He says: “I have a heart of stone, I have gone through a lot of things and now you are playing with my life. Why didn’t you just tell me that you did not want me?”

The man then  smashes a phone believed to be the lady’s.

Social media users have condemned the man for his conduct and many have described it as gender based violence. The girl has been urged to open a case of assault against the boyfriend.

“This guy is abusive. Asaa. She is not his wife. Anyone close to the girl should advise her to report this matter to the police. Abuse is abuse Asaaaa,” one person said on Facebook.

Another person said: “This is tantamount to assault and battery. He can face criminal charges and be dismissed from college. Please assist this Lady.”

The Catholic University is yet to comment on the incident.


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  1. Let her take a step good for her opinion not an encouraging opinion it will be also against her wish despite the fact that it’s a violence.

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