Fresh graduate’s company sponsors graduation party at MUST


The owner of Nyasa Engineering Consultancy Limited, Peter Ngwira, who has graduated from Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) today has sponsored a graduation party for fellow graduates.

Ngwira who has graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering said the graduands need to celebrate their accomplishment, adding that his intention is also to introduce a programme called Fresh Transformation Agenda.

He said he wants NEC to fulfill its current program on the Fresh Transformation Agenda that targets fresh graduates to enhance their desire and empower their intelligence for social and economic development to live a better life for better Malawi.

“I’ve sponsored the graduation dance as one way to promote a programme called Fresh Transformation Agenda,” he explained, adding that the programme targets first year MUST students who will interact with many students in engineering and other entrepreneurs to share life inspirations and business ideas.

Ngwira said Nyasa Engineering Consultancy Limited will also display its products in civil engineering, agricultural apart from solar installation.

Director of Entertainment at MUST, Rashid Alide, told Malawi24 that the dance will take place soon after the awards of degrees.

Alide who is also a final student at MUST, said Nyasa Engineering Consultancy Limited Chief Executive decided to provide musical equipment for the graduation dance because the company believes in supporting the youth in various ways.

“Nyasa Engineering Consultancy Limited thought it wise to sponsor the graduation dance as one way of acknowledging youths academic achievement,” Alide added.
Alide added that Ngwira is a pacesetter for most young Malawians in the employment creation.

Nyasa Engineering Consultancy Limited started in 2018 by Peter Ngwira to provide opportunities to university graduates to learn technical and entrepreneurial skills for self employment and employment creation for young people.

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