Parliament recognises Chaponda as leader of opposition

former Agriculture Minister George Chaponda

Malawi Parliament has confirmed George Chaponda as the new leader of opposition in Parliament, replacing Kondwani Nankhumwa who was removed from the position last Sunday at Democratic Progressive Party’s caucus in Mangochi.

According to a letter from Parliament which we have seen, Chaponda has since been invited to business committee meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

“…In the first place, let me congratulate you for your appointment as leader of opposition. In this regard I have the honour to invite you to the above meeting which will be held in parliament building in the speaker’s board room on Wednesday 29th June 2022 starting from 10:00am,” reads part of the invitation signed by clerk of Parliament Fiona Kalemba.

The development will see a number of things happening such as change of sitting plan for Members of Parliament mainly in the opposition benches in the house.

The DPP caucus on Sunday also saw Vuwa Kaunda being elected as chief whip to be deputized by Lonnie Chijere Chirwa while Victor Musowa was also maintained as leader of backbenchers to be deputized by Victoria Kingstone.

However, in a press statement, DPP Secretary Grezelder Jeffrey who is deemed to be behind Nankhumwa, appealed to people to disregard the communication about appointment of Chaponda.

According to the statement, some Members of Parliament and party officials including herself and Nankhumwa were sidelined from attending the caucus.

There have been divisions in the party since it was ousted from power in the court-sanctioned presidential elections in 2020 as some people are battling for who will lead the party after its elective conference in 2023.

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  1. That’s how democracy works others are there for the interest of theirselves and others for the interest of the the people. Let the recommended person lead the party once the convention has been held.

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