Please help me: Zodwa Wabantu show organizer Big Lu cries for help

Self-acclaimed Amapiano landowner Lumuli ‘Big Lu’ Mwamondwe is pleading with the public to bail him out after Zodwa Wabantu was banned from entering Malawi and the Amapiano music show which was allowed to go ahead in Blantyre on Saturday yielded a handful returns.

Writing on his Facebook page, the artist said he is in dire need of help.

He wrote: “Seriously I need help. If you can assist please contact me.”

His plea has drawn a mixed reaction on social media. A certain section blames Lumuli for poor organization.

“You are to blame for all this mess brother. Your event was poorly organized from marketing to choice of performers,” reads one of the comments

Other people are of the view that the musician ought to be helped.

“Our brother needs help so let’s give him a positive response. He has learnt his lesson and I don’t think he will repeat the same mistake,” reads another comment.

The event dubbed Amapiano Fest, did not match the hype that preceded it as few people showed up.

South African dancer Zodwa Wabantu was expected to headline the event but the Malawi Government barred her from performing in the country, a development which is believed to have diluted the happening.

According to Mwamondwe, Zodwa was given an advance payment of K6 million. The money was not repaid which left the organizer in hot soup.

Malawi bans Zodwa indefinitely


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