Top 5 Sports Rich People Prefer


Sports are one of the most ordinary activities people engage in. Whether it is football, basketball, or golf, people love competing. Did you ever wonder: what are the most expensive sports that not all of us can practice?

There are all kinds of sports for which you need to pay a little more to engage in. Rich people like to spend a lot of money on extravagant things and, thus, they prefer taking part in sports that are not accessible to everyone. Rich people do not second-guess the price of unusual leisure activities, equipment, expensive clubs, or personal trainers.

Let’s unravel what are the most beloved sports by rich people!

Automobile Racing

Formula One is very entertaining; rich people are not satisfied with just watching the competitors. The thrill of power, fast cars, and challenging road tracks is what wealthy people love to experience. Therefore, buying a racing car and participating in such an activity is far from inexpensive.

Apart from purchasing a racing car, people must invest in equipment, proper car services, insurance, and racing track memberships. However, these financial impediments are not worrying matters to people who can afford this type of sport.

Average income of a professional race car driver

If you are thinking of becoming a professional driver, you have to be aware of the costs you will need to get out of your pocket. While race car drivers make a lot of money, they also have to invest a lot.

The best drivers earn bonuses from wins, sponsored deals, and appearances. Still, it takes a lot of practice, dedication, and financial resources to get you to reach millions of dollars. It is said that a professional driver can make up to 50.000$ per event, and if you think that’s not a lot, then you might consider the fact that their yearly calendar includes at least ten competitions.


Even though it may not be as exorbitant as other sports, rich people enjoy golf. Indeed, nothing compares to getting a brand-new golfing set and playing at an exclusive golf club; there are affordable options for all of us. However, wealthy people are satisfied with the best, so they won’t turn their heads around when buying top-notch equipment or premium club memberships.

Earnings of a professional golf player

Becoming a professional golf player involves a lot of sacrifices and not just financial ones.

Players need to have a lot of discipline, but they also need to invest time and money in their passion. However, a professional golf player can earn millions of dollars in a year, while an average golf player can have an income of no more than 80.000$ per year.


Tennis is one of the most beloved sports of all time. Even though it seems like a sport that is affordable to many, wealthy people can take it to another level.

Like in other sports, they can spend big bucks on equipment, clothing, renting tennis fields, and hiring a professional trainer to practice with. It’s no wonder rich people prefer practising this sport at the most exclusive clubs and invite business partners to join.

Average income of a tennis player

When people hear about tennis and money, they immediately think of a billion-dollar industry. Tennis players are viewed as one of the most well-paid sports players, along with football players and basketball players. But is this true?

Unlike soccer players, tennis players do not have a paid monthly salary, so their earnings mainly consist of other sources of income: tournament prizes, paid appearances, endorsement deals and sponsorships, exhibition payments, bonuses, and club tennis partnerships. Thus, multiple factors such as ranking, nationality, and reputation influence how much a tennis player can earn.

Nevertheless, most players who qualify, for example, in Grand Slams tournaments, and other renowned tournaments, will pocket more money than the other players who get most of their points playing tournaments like Futures or Challenger.

Can tennis players become millionaires?

Famous tennis players can actually earn a great deal of money from sponsorships or other commercials and partnerships and can potentially become millionaires. Nevertheless, only hard work pays of, since they had to encounter multiple obstacles and train intensively to get where they are now.

If you’re curious about how much they can make, casinobonusca experts came up with a list of the highest-paid tennis player in the world, along with their top matches and career achievements.


Skiing is one of the most entertaining outdoor activities.

Unlike the other sports, it is limited by a certain period of time in a year when you can practice it. Moreover, it’s no wonder wealthy people love to combine a trip with this leisure activity. Apart from expenses such as skis, clothing, and field fees, rich people enjoy practising this sport in more exclusive locations, picking ski resorts that are extravagant.

Yearly profits of a professional skier

Even though this beautiful sport is practised by many, the competitions may not seem as popular as others. Thus, skiers do not have a monthly paid salary and, of course, they still have to invest in the best equipment. According to other sources, a professional skier can earn between 30.000$ and 125.000$ in a year, depending on how many competitions they participate in.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is a deeply appreciated outdoor activity involving much practice, sweat, and challenges for many of us. Many animal lovers enjoy this leisure activity. However, it is not cheap. Rich people have to invest a lot of money in horses, grooming, training, and vet bills, besides the typical costs of equipment, training fields, and studs. It makes this sport not so affordable to many of us.

Average income of a jockey

Unlike the sports mentioned above, jockeys do not make as money as you think.

Horse race betting is considered a very profitable sport, mainly because people love to bet on horse races. However, an average jockey can make between 30.000$ and 40.000$ in a year. Thinking about how much they have to spend to keep practising may not seem as advantageous as others.

Sum Up

The ultimate truth is that you don’t have to be crazy-rich to play specific sports.

There are numerous affordable alternatives to experience these activities and satisfy your curiosity. Additionally, rich people play the same sports as many regular people, but if you think about it, they have different ways of engaging in these activities, some of them unnecessary.

The only massive difference between wealthy people and ordinary people is the amount of money they are willing to spend to enjoy these recreational activities.