Experts tour proposed site for 350MW Mpatamanga Hydropower Plant


Experts for Mpatamanga Hydropower Plant this week toured the proposed project site of the hydrowpower station for familiarization and appreciation.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the team of Experts comprised Social Safeguards Specialists, Environmental Specialists, Geologists, Biodiversity Specialists and Engineers.

The 350 megawatt (MW) Mpatamanga Hydropower Project is being co-developed by Government of Malawi, International Finance Corporation and a Private Investor (also referred to as Strategic Sponsor) under a Public-Private Partnership model.

The power plant will be constructed at the Mpatamanga Gorge along the Shire River and will have two dams; a main dam and regulating dam which will generate 309MW and 41MW respectively.

“This project will almost double the current electricity generation capacity and transform the electricity sector of Malawi,” the ministry said.

Once completed, the project will assist government to meet power demand during both peak and off-peak periods and improve the performance of the existing power system due to its inclusion of a storage reservoir to support peaking operations.

Malawi is currently facing power challenges after floods damaged Kapichira power station.