Forex crisis: Ethiopian Airlines suspends ticketing services in Malawi


The continued shortage of forex in Malawi has forced Ethiopian Airlines to suspend ticketing services in the country

All travel agents in the country are not able to sell Ethiopian Airlines tickets to travellers due to the ban.

Secretary for the Travel Agents Association of Malawi Eliza Chimbaya has told the local media that the airline has been complaining for months that the Reserve Bank of Malawi has not been remitting the airline’s money to its accounts.

Apparently, this is due to shortage of forex at the bank.

Reports indicate that tickets for Malawians Airline have not been affected by the move.

Malawi has been facing a forex crisis for months and the issues have persisted despite Government opening the tobacco market early in order to boost its forex reserves.

In March, the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) demanded that 30 percent of forex realized from tobacco sales should be immediately sold to the bank.

Malawi runs out of forex