Global Fund commends Malawi over fight against HIV, TB and Malaria

Global Fund says Malawi is doing well in the fight against HIV and AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis (TB) despite facing some challenges during the Covid-19 era.

The statement was made on Wednesday during a meeting which Global fund as well as officials from government, Private Sector and Civil Society Organization had in Lilongwe.

In an interview with Malawi24, Global Fund Associate Specialist on Civil Society Advocacy Brice Bambara said the country is doing well in the fight against the three diseases because of the work of Civil Society Organisations which involve members of communities who are survivors of the diseases.

He added that the organisations are also very active in implementation of projects that are funded by the Global Fund which is very inspiring because they are leaving no one behind.

“This is something we don’t say enough. Civil Society and community organizations have been key in the creation of Global Fund partnership which is the reason why they are part of solutions. 2022 is also another important year and we want to raise at least 18 Billion USD to make sure that we can save the lives of 20 Million of more people that were affected by HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria,” he said.

On his part, Health Expert Maziko Matemba said that the country is under control when it comes to HIV and AIDS and more than a million people are on ARV treatment, others are on TB drugs and others on Malaria program.

He went on to say that every year, over 30,000 young people are getting infected and there are 450,000 new infections globally which means that if funding is not there people might die due to HIV and AIDS because over the time the funding has been able to save about 20 million lives.

“The challenge is how do we get the money because Malawi has HIV and AIDS, TB and Malaria program which need to be supported. We have therefore agreed that we  should support the global fund and the President who have been chosen as a champion for global fund for resource mobilisation,” he said.