Shops run out of sugar


There is a shortage of sugar on the market and in shops where the commodity is available, traders have hiked prices.

A spot check in Lilongwe has indicated that major retail shops have run out of sugar.

In some shops where the commodity was found, the price has been hiked from K900 to K1300 per one kilogramme packet.

No Sugar

In Zomba, consumers were captured by the local media scrambling for sugar in shops. A consumer said he has been buying a one kilogramme packet of Sugar at K2000.

Last week, Illovo Sugar Malawi said every time the country is in wet season, there are always problems of cane transportation from the fields to the factory due wet grounds.

The company further indicated that as a safety measure to avoid vehicles being stuck in the fields, cane haulage usually resumes expeditiously as soon as excess water has drained off and when it is safe for the haulage vehicles to access the fields.

However, the company claimed that this would not lead to sugar shortage as its factory continues to produce sugar from the sugarcane already available.

But following the shortage of sugar on the market, Illovo in a statement last night  blamed consumers saying their panic buying has led to unavailability of the commodity.

“It is also unfortunate that some traders have taken advantage of the situation to raise prices,” the company said.

Illovo then stated that it is doing everything possible to ensure sugar availability returns to normal and the sugar producer has advised consumers against panic buying.

Malawi also faced a sugar crisis in 2012.