You need to be a graduate to appear in my music video – Wikise


Musician Wikise has shocked the world having set a hard to get minimum requirement for those who wish to appear in his forthcoming music video.

The Chikamphulikire hit-maker said he needs graduates in his next music video for I can’t kill myself, a song which addresses mental health issues.

“Mwaonatu, timkanena kumalimbikira school, taonani pano olo kuoneka munyimbo kumafunanso degree We told you to work hard in school, at the moment even appearance in a music video requires a degree) said Wikise.

According to the Lilongwe based musician, his choice of graduates is in line with the video concept.

“I need jobless degree holders to act in the video. Mainly to portray the tough times which educated people are facing and can lead to suicide.”

However, the comic artist has clarified that even those without the desired qualification, will appear in the video.