Malawi reaping from Bushiri’s spiritual tourism: Over 1200 visitors flood Mzuzu

All key hotels and lodges in Mzuzu reaped big as the northern city experienced an unprecedented splurge of international visitors from ECG The Jesus Nation Church.

The visitors who flew in from different countries across the world last week, were led by their leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri at their request to appreciate the history of the beginning of their church.

Reacting to the development, Bushiri said there is always a curiosity among international visitors who flew in to understand Mzuzu because it’s a city where his ministry began years ago.

He further indicated that he is so committed to boost the country’s tourism industry claiming he always encourage his visitors from abroad to go around the country and explore the beautiful nature which Malawi was blessed with.

“This is why I am making it a policy to ensure that whenever they visit Malawi, I should take them to appreciate the city of Mzuzu especially going up Mountain Kaning’ina where I got the first revelation to start my own church,” said Prophet Bushiri.

The Prophet who is also known as Major 1, continued to say, beautiful scenes in Salima, Mangochi, Blantyre and other districts, attempts his international visitors to have a look at them after completing their spiritual businesses in Lilongwe where Bushiri is based.

The news about the flooding in of Bushiri’s international visitors in Mzuzu has excited Acting Director of Tourism at the Malawi Department of Tourism, Sosten Yobe Lingwalanya, who said it is pleasing to see Bushiri contributing much to the tourism sector in the country.

Lingwalanya explained that meetings, incentives, conferences and events organized by Bushiri which attracts high numbers of international visitors, also establishes complementary benefits in food and beverages sector including jobs as businesses pick up.

“I know for the past week or so, we have seen large numbers of international visitors. As long as these visitors stay in licensed hotel and tourism establishments, we are assured of economic benefits in various ways including taxes.

“There are various roles the government is playing to support this spiritual tourism. For instance, the Department of Civil Aviation is facilitating the landing and taking off of planes, including the chartered ones. Visitors coming from countries that require visa to enter Malawi means they are paying visa fees as revenue for the government,” said Lingwalanya.

On his part, renowned social media commentator Charles Ulaya who commented through his Facebook page, said Malawi should be thankful that business is booming in Lilongwe and some other districts because of Bushiri’s religious pilgrimages to Malawi.

“Malawi Airlines is flying twice on Friday and Monday just because of Papa. Hotels are full in Lilongwe. Even hair salons, barbershop in Lilongwe are making record sells. We thank him and ask God to give him grace to continue his good work to Malawi,” he said.