Fredokiss presents proposal to train 10,000 youth in blockchain

Musician Penjani Kaluwa, popularly known as Fredokiss has presented a proposal to Minister of Labour Vera Kamtukule to train 10,000 youth in blockchain and technology education.

Fredokiss presented the proposal yesterday on behalf of CLST City – a music and entertainment metaverse platform that will host concerts for major and independent artists globally, both physically and virtually.

Through the initiative, tech savy youth will be able to be employed remotely thus providing labour compensation inflows.

On its Facebook Page, the Ministry of Labour said recognizes the potential of the creative sector in job creation as well as skills development.

“In addition, the proposal aligns with the job creation strategy, the MW2063 and MIP 1, focusing on the impact of the youth in achieving the respective objectives,” the ministry said.

Commenting on the issue, Fredokiss: “We all have a part to play, be counted and be a light in the dark. I am looking forward to the implementation of this project and to see youth benefiting.”

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  1. They can even reach me, I can tell them how am progressing with crypto.
    And I can teach them how to be brave on digital currency and the studf.

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