Malawi Government school in Machinga has no single classroom block

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A public school opened in 2020 in Machinga East Constituency has no single classroom block and all students learn in grass thatched structures.

The staff room at Nkuluwili L.E.A School in Machinga is also a grass thatched structure.

The school is under Ntaja education zone and it is located in Traditional Authority Kawinga in Machinga East Constituency.

Headteacher for the school Joseph Kamwendo said construction of the school started in 2019 after communities noted the challenges children were facing in accessing education.

staff room or office

“The nearest schools are far away from here. There is Kaombe which is three kilometers away from here and Namakanga which is seven kilometers away. In addition, learners have to cross two rivers in order to reach both schools,” said Kamwendo.

After community members constructed the school in 2019, it was opened in February 2020 and it has classes from Standard one to Five.

Government also deployed teachers to the school and at the moment the number of teachers is eight. In 2020, Government sent K475,000 as annual subvention to the school and K429,000 in 2021.

However, the major challenge for the school is lack of proper structures.

One of the classes

“All structures including the staff room are grass thatched and there are no proper toilet and staff house,” said Kamwendo.

Another class

He has since appealed to well-wishers to assist the school resolve some of the challenge.

“I appeal to well-wishers to construct school classroom blocks, Office/Staff room and toilets and including changing room for adolescent girls at the school,” said Kamwendo.

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  1. This shack to be called a class or school in modern day is shocking and a shame .Former President Muluzi and his son Atupele and Bright Msaka these so called influencial political figures are from thus poor district. What development agenda have they had since they are long term politicians ? The people in the area keep clapping hands for these political figures while they are literally doing no development of better school facilities.
    Muluzi and his son Atupele and Msaka must be taken to task to answer questions why there is underdevelopment in this district.
    The people must demand better roads and schools and clinics because they pay taxes to government.

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