Tyres made in Heaven: Malawi police buys a tyre at K1.2 million


It’s a tyre that comes with a free vehicle. It is self contained with a toilet and probably made in heaven. Our highly corrupt Malawi police paid 1.2 million Malawi Kwacha to buy a single tyre. More than 5 tyres were bought. That’s K6 million of 17 billion believed to have vanished through fraudulent-holding-cell windows at Area 30.

The Nation Newspaper reported that the Police bought five tyres at K1.2 million each.

An audit report has also revealed that K270 million worth of fuel was  used by Police officers without supporting records.

The alleged fraudulent acts are part of queries involving K17 billion at the Malawi Police.

It is the latest corruption scandal at the Malawi Police following another one last year in which some police officers were alleged to have connived to steal K1 billion.

The money was stolen between 2018 and 2020 by a syndicate of 11 officers working in the MPS. The syndicate was uncovered by an audit report which showed that money was being siphoned through a welfare account maintained by the MPS Headquarters in Lilongwe.

In 2018, the K7 billion food rations scandal also unravelled at the Malawi Police Service.

Businessperson Zameer Karim is currently on trial on allegations that he connived with two police officers to steal from Malawi Government through the food rations contract.

The latest revelations of fraud at Malawi Police have since angered Malawians on social media, many of who have condemned the continuing culture or corruption in Malawi.