Breaking draws without penalty shoot-outs

Penalty shoot-outs are a dramatic way to define a winner in a football match where a draw is not possible. This is especially the case in finals of some major tournaments that take place around the world. It is possible to use 1xBet to bet in ke on the most important football contests from all over the world.

However, there are many people that have expressed their dislike for this formula. Some argue that the team that shoots first has an unfair advantage over the opposing squad. For this reason, there have been propositions to modify the shoot-outs, such as by introducing the ABBA method.

But, others have wanted to do more than that. Many people have wanted to completely get rid of penalty shoot-outs as a way to decide matches. Yet, these methods are still here for now, and 1xBet in ke can be used to bet on all these dramatic and thrilling definitions.

Many proposals

While penalty shoot-outs are still being used, this hasn’t been due to a lack of ideas. The best live betting website is 1xBet, and it can be used whenever these thrilling events take place.

A curious idea was proposed during the 2010s. It consisted of playing a regular extra-time after the 90 minutes had ended. If after a certain time the draw was still in place, teams would need to start removing a certain number of players after a set amount of time. Since those removals would start to take place, the game would go into golden goal mode.

However, this idea seems to be totally foreign to what football looks like. For this reason, it is unlikely that it will be implemented anytime soon. A great betting website is 1xBet, which allows live wagers and pre-match bets on multiple football events and also in penalty shoot-outs.

The ADG method

Others have proposed ideas that do not rely on the game continuing in a normal way. All the football games from all over the world are available to wager on the website. A proposed method to break draws is known as ADG. These letters stand for:

  • attacker;
  • defender;
  • and goalkeeper.

The idea of this method is quite straightforward. These three players are supposed to be located in the field. An attacker tries to score a goal after facing a defender and a goalkeeper. Each team has five chances of this kind, and the squad that scores the most goals in these series, wins. As it can be seen, football is a sport with lots of variables, and 1xBet features excellent options to wager on many of them.


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