Blantyre Synod’s Billy Gama suggests Chakwera will rule Malawi for two terms


Blantyre Synod General Secretary Billy Gama has suggested that President Lazarus Chakwera will rule Malawi beyond the current five year term.

Blantyre Synod Secretary General Billy Gama made the remarks yesterday when Chakwera attended graduation ceremony for 18 graduands who have graduated with Master of Arts in Theology from University of Blantyre Synod.

Gama said as theologians they are proud of President Chakwera because he has proved that reverends with theological backgrounds can become good presidents in a country.

Gama then expressed his desire to see President Chakwera ruling beyond the first five-year term.

“After you have done your second term, tell the world that there are also other theologians who can also be entrusted with the same position,” said Gama.

He added that the president can consider recommending one of the church leaders from the Blantyre Synod.

Speaking after Gama, Chakwera avoided the issue relating to his second term. The president, however,  talked about building a new Malawi and the role of universities in inculcating values of hard work, integrity and discipline in those who pass through their halls of learning.

Gama’s remarks come weeks after Second Vice President of the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Harry Mkandawire said MCP already endorsed Chakwera as its candidate in the 2025 presidential elections.

Chakwera will be our candidate in 2025 – MCP Vice President