Malawi Government launches 90-day national campaign against trafficking in persons

Jean Sendeza Malawi minister of gender disability and social welfare

Malawi Government through the Ministry of Homeland Security on Friday launched a 90-day national campaign against trafficking in Persons.

The launch took place in Lilongwe at Crossroads Hotel under the theme “Time to Act to End Human Trafficking in Malawi” through Tigwirane Manja Project in partnership with USAID, and Glohomo.

The campaign, which will be implemented by Global Health Mobilisation (Glohomo), is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to the sum of $1.275 million.

Speaking at the launch, Homeland Minister Jean Sendeza said Malawi is committed to ending the acts of human trafficking and that is why they enacted human trafficking act in 2015 in order to fight the syndicate.

“Human trafficking is often referred to modern day slavery and Malawi remains the leading country in terms of human trafficking for forced labour with girls and young women being trafficked locally for prostitution. This is a great day for Malawi and I urge other organizations to join hands to end this illegal business,” she said.

Sendeza further said that Malawians must be taught about what human trafficking is, as it is an issue that involves not only involves young girls, but also  everyone who is forced to do some works away from their places.

She also noted that in Malawi perpetrators are aided by people who are supposed to protect them.

“I call upon all stakeholders, including the three arms of government as well as the judiciary to join hands and deal with the acts of human trafficking in the country. Let me also take this opportunity to thank USAID for the funds provided to be used during the 90-day campaign,” said Sendeza.

Acting USAID Deputy Mission Director Mr Jeffrey Skarin

In his remarks, Acting USAID Deputy Mission Director Mr Jeffrey Skarin said the US government is committed to supporting the fight against Human Trafficking in person in Malawi and he was glad to be part of the 90-day campaign in the fight against human trafficking.

“National action against human trafficking is an opportunity to protect human beings from further exploitation as there are so many gaps that need to be bridged by making sure that there is enough sensitisation across the country.

“I therefore urge survivors of human trafficking to take the role of sharing their experiences with others so that they can understand better the evils of human trafficking,” said Skarin.

In his remarks, Executive Director of Global Hope Mobilization (Glohomo) Caleb Thole expressed concern that despite numerous efforts in fighting against human trafficking, the country is still behind in curbing Human trafficking. He added that it’s time to act if the country is to end human trafficking.

Thole also thanked Homeland Security Minister Jean Sendeza for her tireless efforts and encouragement she is providing towards the fight against Human trafficking fight in the country.

“It’s now time to act so as to end human trafficking in Malawi that’s why we have engaged different stakeholders to join hands in dealing with the act once and for all. We are developing messages in banners, brochures, communities, and the campaign will use survivors to confess and give testimonies of how bad human trafficking is,” said Thole.

He then urged all citizens in the country to join hands in the fight, because the campaign will be meaningless if the traffickers will not be prosecuted and sentenced.