Vuwa invites Civil to play Nkhatabay Select


As a way of uplifting sporting activities in Nkhatabay Central, Member of Parliament for the Constituency Vuwa Kaunda has invited Super League side Civil Service United football team to play against Nkhatabay Select team.

The Member of Parliament for the Constituency Vuwa Kaunda told Malawi24 in an interview that he has invited the big team to provide an opportunity to players in his area so that they can showcase their skills.

He added that he has hope that if the local players are given a chance, some of them will be identified to play in the Super League considering that some of the well-known players like those playing for Blue Eagles were selected using the same criteria.

“The Civil Service United is going to play a game in Mzuzu this weekend as such taking advantage that they are coming to the Northern Region, we have invited them to play with Nkhatabay Select. This is first week of TNM Super League and we have hope that our players will be selected to play for the league,” he explained.

He added that Nkhatabay District has youths who have talent as such they are supposed to be seen and recognized because failure to do can be a lost.

Kaunda also said that apart from Nkhatabay district, Karonga has also cream of players who can play in the big teams without any difficulties because they are very talented.

Kaunda explained that apart from supporting football, he also supports other activities such as netball, tennis, basketball among others.