Bushiri bursary also open to students in public universities – Nyondo

Prophet Bushiri

Spokesperson for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Ephraim Nyondo, has quashed reports that the Bushiri Bursary Scheme is only open to students in private universities, saying students in public universities can also apply.

This is coming amidst claims on social media that the bursary scheme is only for those in private universities, ruling out possible applicants from public universities.

However, Nyondo has quashed the reports and said the bursary scheme is also open to students from public universities who meet the conditions and qualifications.

The spokesperson has also insisted on the bursary scheme being free and has further urged applicants to be vigilant about fraudsters who may be asking them some money during the application process.

“As debate between Unima and Non-Unima students continue to rage, please take note that Shepherd Bushiri Bursary Scheme is open to every needy student both in public and private institutions.

“Also take note that the bursary, as expected, is entirely FREE and the application process is still underway. If you are a needy student please apply or if you know someone needy, help them apply so they access this scheme,” said Nyondo.

Meanwhile, Nyondo has also confirmed that due date for receiving applications is next week Thursday, March 24, 2022 and has encouraged needy students to send their applications before the closing date.

According to a recent prophet Bushiri’s press briefing, the bursary scheme targets 5000 underprivileged Malawian students in secondary and universities, both in private and public institutions in the country.

Beneficiaries of the scheme are encouraged replicate the favour to other less privileged students after their own graduation.