Gwamba comes to the rescue of Malawi College of Health Sciences student


Malawian Musician Gwamba has assisted a Malawi College of Health Sciences Student who was at risk of not sitting for end of the year examinations due to fees balance.

Gwamba, real name Duncan Zgambo, has paid K122,000 to erase the balance which the student had with Malawi College of Health Sciences.

Malawi24 posted on its Facebook page that Stewart Viliyera, a student at Malawi College of Health Sciences in Lilongwe was asking well-wishers to assist him pay his tuition fees.

Upon reading the post on Malawi24 page, Gwamba promised to pay the balance before 12pm yesterday.

“Tell him I’m sorting out that 122,000.00 tomorrow by 12 noon,” commented Gwamba on the post.

The musician honored the pledge and paid the full amount via the school account.

Reacting to the support, Viliyera expressed gratitude saying he had lost all hope.

“Now I a m very hopeful. I pray to God to continue blessing Gwamba and other people planning to assist me,” said Viliyera.

Viliyera is pursuing a Diploma in Pharmacy, a 3-year programme which he expects to complete in 2024. He is currently in second semester of his first year. At Malawi College of Health Sciences, fees for Viliyera’s programme is MK550,000 per year or MK275,000 per semester.

Viliyera struggles to pay tuition fees as he depends on his mother who relies on piecework to make money.

His phone numbers are 0881095637/ 0982751801.


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  1. That’s a way to go, there are many in the school corridors

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