Minibus owners wants Govt to remove levies on fuel


By Mercy Nsaliwa

Minibus Owners Association of Malawi (MAM) has expressed concern over the impending fuel price hike and has urged Malawi government to remove some fuel levies in order to cut the price of fuel.

There are levies attached to the fuel price in Malawi and they include Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA), Roads, Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS), Rural Electrification, Price Stabilization, Storage, and MERA Complex construction levies.

MOAM Chairperson Coaxley Kamange said in an interview that removing the levies will assist in bringing down the cost of fuel.

He was reacting to a statement by MERA released this week in which the energy regulator has hinted at a fuel price increase due to changes in transportation cost and depreciation of the kwacha against the United States Dollar.

Kamange, in a written response, also called on the government to properly regulate the public transport sector so that some costs which eat at profits could be removed.

“There should be political will and the transport Industry should be properly regulated so that those transport businesses should maximize their profit. This will ensure that fares are not increased whenever there is fuel prices increase.

“For example, we are being robbed by the so called call boys. For instance, they demand K15,000 for minibus trip operating on Limbe- Mangochi. If government can remove the call boys then fares can be stable,” said Kamange.

Currently, Petrol is being sold at MWK1,150.00/Litre, Diesel is at MWK1,120.00/Litre while Paraffin is at MWK833.20/Litre.