Teddy ropes in Eli Njuchi in new single “Follow Me”

By Roy Kafoteka

Sensational R&B/Pop artist Teddy has roped in Dancehall star Eli Njuchi on his new single “Follow Me”.

Having been released on Monday and getting its official premiere on Joy Nathu’s Radio 2 FM program ‘Made On Monday’, “Follow Me” has quickly gained its traction and recognition among fans and followers, becoming one of this year’s early hit songs.

A song collaboration that joins the hands of two of Malawi’s young and trendy, top-notch hit artists, Teddy and Eli Njuchi, the new single comes as a banger, offering something different for the music fans. With a combination of both Dancehall and R&B the new song captures the attention of all audiences through traditional Chichewa and English lyrics; making up for a catchy chorus and a strong hit-back vibe.


A build up to his new album “Makadi” that’s soon to drop, “Follow Me” comes through as Teddy’s sixth official installment, since his last release “Mwana” in August last year.

Teddy Maliza, commonly by his stage name, Teddy has overtime grown, becoming one of the most prominent music artists of the urban industry and categorizing in the top lists of musicians carrying the Malawian flag high. Although, having been seen as the one not to constantly put out projects, Teddy tries to stay active with his fans where he can. If it’s not performing on stage, then it’s engaging with them through social media on music updates or having direct talks with them in related discussions.

The Blantyre-based singer has therefore overtime been able to develop into a well-established and independent artist, making his mark on the urban scene. Nurturing his talent as a singer, song-writer and producer Teddy has managed to learn from the best and been able to show that he is a well-rounded performer both on the mic and production desk.

Pulling in a strong youthful artist such as Eli Njuchi, “Follow Me” was surely guaranteed to be another trending song.

Through his strong youthful follower-ship, Eli Njuchi has grabbed the hearts of many, becoming the “wonder kid” and one of the upcoming artists to watch out for on the urban scene. With his massive youth following, relatable culture background and quickly catching songs, Eli has become a top fan favourite among audiences. Collaborating and putting him on the song the kid was surely able to grab the attention of many.

“Follow Me”  is  a love song that talks about relationships, what is expected of them versus what one thinks is expected of them and what more can be offered.

“Practically what we are meant to believe is that, love is the center of a relationship, but what I’m doing in this song is saying that love is not the only thing you need to make a relationship work. There are a lot of other things like: communication, patience, honesty etc… Therefore come and follow me” – Teddy.

Check out “Follow Me” by Teddy featuring Eli Njuchi here.