Sparc honour one million Malawi Kwacha pledge to Charles Thom


Sparc Systems LTD have honoured their K1 million pledge to Flames goalkeeper Charles Thom for his man of the match display in Flames’ goalless draw against Senegal at the ongoing 2021 AFCON finals on Tuesday.

Thom produced a spectacular show to frustrate a star-studded Senegal led by Liverpool’s Sadio Mane and help the Flames earn a valuable point that has put Malawi on the verge of qualifying for the knockout stages for the first time.

Sparcs Managing Director Wisely Phiri said: “As a 100% Malawian company we have been carrying the flag for this country in Africa and across the world.

“Our National team are doing the same and they have carried the flag higher looking at their performance at AFCON. We are very proud of them.

“We decided to beef up the morale by giving the goal keeper 1 million Kwacha to appreciate the outstanding work he has done for the Senegal vs Malawi game.

“Football is more than just sport. It plays a role in international development by putting the country on the map and does positive change to our youths. We wish our team all the best. They should know that the whole country is behind them.”

Thom said: “I would like to thank Sparc for the recognition.  But like I said after the match the biggest recognition should go to the whole team for the effort to get these results.

Source: FAM