Court dismisses anti-mandatory Covid-19 vaccination case

High Court Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda yesterday dismissed a case in which Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) and freelance journalist Mundango Nyirenda wanted the court to stop the implementation of mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for some sectors.

Judge Nyirenda dismissed the application with costs. He said the applicants lack basis on the matter and they sued the wrong parties.

CDEDI and Nyirenda wanted the court to stop the Ministry of Health from implementing the mandatory administration of the Covid-19 vaccine and Parliament from demanding Covid-19 certificates from employees in order to access parliament premises.

They also wanted the court to stop all private and public institutions from demanding vaccination certificates from their employees.

The two sued Attorney, Speaker of Parliament and Ministry of Health following an announcement by Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo-Chiponda’s announcement that all public servants will be forced to take a Covid-19 jab this year.

Following the ruling yesterday, lawyer representing the claimants, Oscar Taulo hinted that they may make fresh application since the matter has been dismissed on technical grounds.

“If the High Court has refused an application for judicial review, the applicants can still apply to the Supreme Court,” said Taulo.

Attorney General Chakaka Nyirenda said that currently there is no policy in Malawi approving mandatory vaccination and the Minister of Health only announced intention to introduce the policy.