Blantyre press club donates to children in Blantyre


A group of southern region journalists under the banner Blantyre Press Club (BPC) has donated associated items to over 1000 underprivileged children in Machinjiri, Blantyre.

The group made the donation on Saturday January 8, 2022 in Machinjiri to 1200 children.

Blantyre Press Club president Blessings Kanache said the group thought of making the donation as part of Christmas and new year celebrations to the underprivileged children whom he said most of them had no money to buy something to spice up their Christmas and new year celebrations as kids does.

He further said the group also thought of making the donation to these kids as part of encouraging the general public to develop the spirit of remembering to help the underprivileged.

“We all know that on Christmas and new year days, children always move around with bottles of fanta, biscuits and it is not a secret that some kids are not privileged to do so on financial grounds and that’s why Blantyre Press Club made the donation.

“This is also one way of telling the public how committed the media is in finding solutions to challenges being experienced in different communities. We are not here just to be writing stories, we also have the responsibility to do something when the need arises,” said Kanache.

Kanache continued to say the club is so much committed to proceeding with such donations and he then asked the corporate world to join the group in eradicating some of the challenges being experienced by the underprivileged.

He then thanked First Capital Bank (FCB) boss Hitesh Anadkat who together with another anonymous well-wisher contributed some resources towards the initiative.

“I will be very wrong if I will not thank Anadkat and another individual who asked for anonymity. We really appreciate their contributions towards this initiative, may God richly bless them all,” he added.

Some of Machinjiri areas where the group made the donation to include; area 7, two sites at Chikapa, area 8 and area 9 and each kid in these areas was going home with packs of biscuit, sweets and soap. All the items are worth K1 million.