Activists want Chakwera to reverse amnesty, fire AG


The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has given President Lazarus Chakwera 10 days to reverse the amnesty issued by Attorney General Thabo Chakwera Nyirenda and to fire the Attorney General.

CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa and other activists including Bon Kalindo have issued a statement read at a press briefing today.

In the statement, the activists have expressed shock that Chakaka has issued a 60-day amnesty to those implicated in corrupt practices.

The activists said it unacceptable, and very hard to believe that Chakwera sanctioned this directive considering that the president told the nation that he was going to take a tough stance against theft, plunder and looting of public funds, which characterized the immediate past ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regime.

“If indeed it’s you, Your Excellency, who sanctioned this directive, then the rumours that have been making rounds in the various social media platforms, that Your Excellency, personally, and some of your cabinet ministers, including top government officials are implicated in corruption scandal, are now validated,” the activists said.

They added that while they are appreciating the speed at which the AG has displayed in terminating some government contracts, they would like to believe that the law was followed to the letter to avoid instances of legal battles where the vulnerable and marginalized are forced to pay some claimants, using their taxes.

“Should a situation arise where such contracts demand to be paid for unlawful termination stemming from the AGs action, CDEDI would like to assure you, Sir, that you and your AG shall be held liable and would be required to pay from your own pockets. Through you Sir, CDEDI is reminding the AG that his core business is to advise government and leave politics to the politicians. The AG should at all times desist from being used by politicians. It is for this reason that we at CDEDI, believe the current AG is overstepping his mandate and thus far, he has made illegal and costly decisions, thereby making him politically compromised to effectively discharge his duties in that capacity,” reads part of the statement.

The activists have also faulted Chakwera over selective application of justice in the case of Kezzie Msukwa who was arrested over a week ago but is still serving in the cabinet as Minister of Lands and Housing while Newton Kambala was fired from cabinet after he was arrested.

“The president’s change of tune made without being forced; the goal shifting in the firing of cabinet ministers embroiled in corrupt practices; and very recently the announcement by the AG without legal backing; has dragged the office of the president into total disrepute,” reads part of the statement.

The activists have since demanded firing of Msukwa and Chakaka Nyirenda bad the reversal of the amnesty within ten days, saying they will take hold protests if this is not done.