Nankhumwa tells Chakwera to resign

Malawi Economy

Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa says President Lazarus Chakwera has failed to provide critical leadership that Malawians need and he must resign.

Nankhumwa who is also Member of Parliament for Mulanje Central made the call in Parliament today in his speech at the end of the 4th meeting of the 49th session of Parliament.

Nankhumwa noted that before he became President, Chakwera was on record saying that if he failed to perform well in his first two years, he would resign.

“The honorable thing that the President must do now is to resign his position because it is too early to put the country on autopilot under the hope that somehow things will get better on their own,” said Nankhumwa.

He noted that there was high tone and promise when the Tonse Alliance ascended to power over a year ago as Malawians were promised jobs and an efficient government, which would be quick to respond to their requirements.

He also noted Malawians were promised cheap farm inputs, servant leadership, free electricity and water connection, including cheap passports.

He, however, added that today Malawians are suffering under the weight of increased cost of living and their cries are falling on deaf ears.

“Malawians have missed Canaan with millions of miles. Today, Malawi is a war zone of survival of the fittest where the President, his family and his circle of cronies are the only ones that are more equal than others.

“Instead of creating one million jobs, the economy has comprehensively tanked and jobs have been lost tenfold. Fuel prices have gone up so too have the prices of basic commodities such as edible cooking oil, soap, sugar, salt, bread, and matches, among others.


“There is no free water and electricity connection on the horizon. In fact, the government has just increased the price of water and electricity.

“Meanwhile, their so-called servant leader is consistently absent. If he is not on the road, he is high up in the sky above them in a private jet, zooming from one country to the next, and looking down at their problems with disdain,” Nankhumwa said.

Nankhumwa also faulted the president for blaming Covid-19 and global trends as reasons for social and economic challenges Malawi is facing.

“He is calling on all Malawians to tighten their belts as the country is going through this crisis. The question is, what is the government doing about the crisis the country is facing? Wait till decisions are made in the US since it is a global crisis?” Nankhumwa said.

In his closing speech in Parliament, Leader of the House Richard Chimwendo Banda said Government does not deny that the cost of living has risen in the country and it is working to turn around the economy.

He added that one of the reasons Malawians are suffering is that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration destroyed Malawi by stealing resources.

“We are rebuilding a house that they destroyed. And very soon the turnaround is coming,” Chimwendo said.